GEO 407/507:
Seminar in Geographic Research

235 Wilkinson, Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00 p.m.
(Refreshments and conversation 3:45 - 4:00 p.m.)

Spring 1998 Instructor: Dawn Wright,, 737-1229

How to PASS GEO 407/507

The purpose of this course is to give you broader exposure to cutting-edge research in geography and related disciplines. One of the best ways to do this, of course, is to LISTEN. So in order to pass the course you need to attend at least 8 out of the 10 sessions. Always feel free to PARTICIPATE by asking questions of the speaker or offering comments.

Another important part of "Geographic Research" is to "know thy speaker." Oftentimes in the "real world" of academia we challenge or inspire ourselves by reading the works of others who are publishing in a different part of our field, or in a different field altogether. We are especially prompted to do so if introduced to the person's work in a departmental seminar or at a conference. This may even lead us to a new direction of inquiry or a brand new research specialty. To give you a sense of this process, you will also need to the do the following in order to pass the course:


March 31st
Dr. Steve Cook, Department of Geosciences, OSU
"Changing Lives of Northern Albanian Village Women"
Hostess: Marcia Macomber

April 3rd (FRIDAY - Wilkinson 207 - Optional)
Mr. Darius Bartlett, Department of Geography, University College, Cork, IRELAND
"Models of Reality, but Whose Models? And Whose Reality? Developing GIS for Integrated Coastal Zone Management Within a Heterogenous Scientific and Administrative Environment"
Hostess: Dawn Wright

April 7th
Dr. Esther Jacobsen, Department of Art History, and Mr. Jim Meacham, Department of Geography and InfoGraphics Lab, both at University of Oregon
"Archaeological Mapping in the Altay Mountains, Northwest Mongolia: Applying GPS/GIS to the Analysis of Culture and the Landscape"
Host: Fritz Klasner

April 14th
Mr. Nate Wood, Department of Geosciences, OSU
"Sedimentary Dynamics of a Shallow-Water Embayment and Open-Marine Marsh System: Waccasassa Bay, Florida"
Hostess: Dawn Wright

April 22nd (WEDNESDAY - Wilkinson 108)
Dr. Alan MacEachren, Pennsylvania State University
Topic: Cartographic visualization, Title TBA
Host: Jon Kimerling

April 28th
Dr. Julia Jones, Department of Geosciences, OSU
"Juniper Invasion and Islands of Soil Fertility in Central Oregon"
Hostess: Sharon London

May 5th
Ms. Xanthippe Augerot, OSU Geosciences
"Comparative History of Salmon Fisheries in the Amur and Columbia River Basins"
Host: Nate Wood

May 12th
Dr. Richard Walker, Department of Geography, UC Berkeley
"California's Debt to Nature"
Hostess: Sharon London

May 19th
Dr. David Post, Research Associate, OSU Geosciences and Forestry Sciences Laboratory
"An Examination of the Controls on Hydrologic Response Across a Range of Hydroclimatological Regimes"
Hostess: Angie Schaefer
BOMB'S AWAY Happy Hour afterwards!

May 26th
Grad Student Talks
Sharon London
Fritz Klasner
Titles TBA
Hostess: Angie Schaefer

June 2nd
Dr. Barbara McDade, Department of Geography, University of Florida
"Traditional Industries and Nontraditional Exports: Opportunities for Rural Development in Ghana"
Hostess: Lisa Gaines

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