SPECIAL SESSION: Marine/Coastal GIS & Acoustic Remote Sensing

organized by D. Wright (OrSt)
co-sponsored by the GIS and Coastal and Marine Geography Specialty Groups

Association of American Geographers Centennial Meeting
Denver, April 8, 2005, 10:00-11:40 a.m.

This session focused on the principles, techniques, and applications of GIS in the marine and coastal realm, particularly the incorporation of acoustic remote sensing for benthic habitat characterization. It was a continuation of past sessions at AAG highlighting the various ways in which geographers are contributing to this evolving field of research. As such, additional, related topics for presentation and discussion included: (a) marine sanctuaries and protected areas; (b) marine and coastal data models and data structures; (c) web GIS for marine and coastal data; (d) questions in basic & applied marine science that have been derived, addressed and/or elucidated by GIS; and (e) integration of spatial analysis with policy, legal and/or economic issues, particularly in the coastal zone.


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