SPECIAL SESSION: GIS in Marine and Coastal Environments I, II, III, and IV

organized by D. Wright (OrSt) and T. Vance (OrSt and NOAA)
co-sponsored by the GIS and Coastal and Marine Geography Specialty Groups

Association of American Geographers Centennial Meeting
Philadelphia, March 14-19, 2004
Wednesday, 3/17/04, 8:00 a.m. to 4:40 p.m., Meeting Room TBD

This session is devoted to principles, techniques, and applications of GIS in the marine and coastal realm, highlighting the various ways in which geographers are contributing to this evolving field of research, including: This series of papers is a continuation of the session of the same theme at last year's AAG in New Orleans, and a continuation of sorts of the "GIS in Support of Marine Protected Areas, Reserves and Sanctuaries" sessions held in 2002 at AAG-Los Angeles, and in 2001 at AAG-New York City.

Session 1


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