Transatlantic Workshops
on Coastal/Marine Mapping and Informatics



While significant capacity has been built in the field of web-based coastal mapping and informatics in the last decade, little has been done to take stock of the implications of these efforts or to identify best practice in terms of taking lessons learned into consideration. These two transatlantic workshops will bring together key experts from Europe, the United States and Canada to examine state-of-the-art developments in web-based coastal mapping and informatics, along with future needs in mapping and informatics for the coastal practitioner community.

These workshops are intended to advance research in the field by providing recommendations for best practice of coastal web mapping and to develop a cadre of scientists who will play a leadership role in forging international collaborations of value to the participating nations.

July 25-26, 2006:

Workshop Theme: Potentials and Limitations of Coastal Web Atlases

In this first workshop, expert delegates will examine the current situation by studying a broad variety of existing coastal web atlases from Europe and the US. The various common issues will be identified and discussed (e.g. institutional support, atlas design and usability, data accessibility, data and metadata compatibility, web-based tools for decision-support, etc.). At this workshop, the Marine Irish Digital Atlas will also be officially launched.

American participation is funded by the National Science Foundation. Hosting of the event is sponsored partly by the Coastal and Marine Resources Centre as well as the Marine Institute's Marine RTDI Networking and Technology Transfer Initiative under Ireland's National Development Plan.

Host: Coastal and Marine Resources Centre, University College Cork, IRELAND

Location: University College Cork campus

Contact: Liz O'Dea ( , +353-21-4703106)

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July 2007:

Workshop Themes: Building a common approach to managing and disseminating coastal data, maps and information.

In the second workshop, expert delegates will examine their variety of experiences in coastal mapping to build a common approach to managing and disseminating coastal data, maps and information, including an agreement on initial common ontologies and thesauri to facilitate database searches in Europe and North America. The final recommendations will be made available online to the research community.

After attending this workshop, participants may want to remain in lovely Oregon in order to attend Coastal Zone '07, just up the road a bit in Portland.

Host: Oregon State University, USA

Location: Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Contact: Dawn Wright (email response form)