Cycling is sooo Cool!

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15 Seconds of Fame in VeloNews 2004 and in 2007

Dawn raced at Collegiate Road Nationals
with Team UC-Santa Barbara

Race Resume | Some pictures

Ode to The Jedi Princess

My Current Mountain Bike

Ode to Olaf!


Lizzie Armistead Deignan and Peter Sagan
Photo credits © Sirotti,

Marcel Kittel

Other heroes: Fabian Cancellara and Thor Hushovd
Image on left from by permission of Charles Pelkey, Senior Editor, and on right from Team

And Meredith Miller, retired from road racing and what used to be Team TIBCO (doing cyclocross now)

Image from by permission of Charles Pelkey, Senior Editor

Dawn wishes she could RIDE
like the legendary Rebecca Twigg!...

...Or Missy Giove!!
Retired in 2003!
I want to reiterate that I wish I could RIDE
the way she did, especially as she nearly went to jail
for smuggling marijuana (Dec 2009)!
"Do as I ride, not as I live!"

Andy Hampsten: ageless cycling god!

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