GEO 465/565 Annotated Bibliographies

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Annotated Bibliographies of On-Campus GEO 565 Students
Winter 2011

Bill Buckley
Estuary Restoration
Brian Chaffin
Social Science
Tanya Chesney
Marine Ecosystem-Based Management
Jangho Choi
Economic Geography
Stefanie Collar
Wildlife Research
Elle Davis
Community Planning
Chris Eardley
Ecological Restoration
Ryan Easton
Marine Resources/Reserves
Morgan Erhardt
Seafloor Interpretation
Scott Fisk
Amy Garrett
Marine Habitat Analysis
Natalie Graham
Fragmented Landscapes
Greer Harewood
Land-Use/Water Resources
Kristen Larson
Watershed Management
Andrew Levin
Technology, Geography, and Humankind
Danny Lockett
Predicting Habitat Suitability
Dong-Wook Kim
Woody Biomass Analysis
Stephen Meck
Marine Animal Mapping
José Montero
Ecology & Evolution
Mariya Pak
Aral Sea Basin
Jacob Petersen-Perlman
Water Resources Engineering
Emily Platt
E. Oregon Restoration Targets
Tucker Selko
Jill Smedstad
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
Jason Space
Invasive Species
Mike Stanton
Qualitative GIS in the Social Sciences
Jessica Tapley
Spatial Stats & Kriging
Candice-Michelle Weems
Urban Planning
Keith Williams
3-D Registration Methods
Kiya Wilson
Sara Wyland
Inland Wetland Delineation

Outstanding GEO 565 Original Mapping Mashup Projects
Winter 2011

Julie Elkins Watson
A Dynamic Web Mapping Mash-Up of the Columbia River Basin
Kate Sherman
Oregon Dive Conditions Google-Maps Mashup

Annotated Bibliographies of Distance Ed GEO 565 Students
Fall 2010

Caleb Baker
GIS in the Academic Library
Todd Barker
Community Growth
Esther Foley
Stephen Grady
On-Site Wastewater Management
Joe Nadolski
Watershed Floodplain Management
Bryan Palmer
Volcanic Hazards
Sheanna Steingass
Pinniped Behavioral Ecology

Outstanding GEO 565 Analytical Projects, Fall 2010

Andrea Havron
Hot Spot Analysis of the Seasonal Distribution of Marbled Murrelets (Brachyramphus maramoratus) with the San Juan Islands (pdf)
Chad Landress
Biotic and Abiotic Associations of the Federally Endangered June Sucker (Chasmistes liorus) in Utah Lake, UT, USA (pdf)

Past Bibliographies/Analytical Projects

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