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Hydrothermal Vent Communities and
the Story of "Tubeworm Barbeque"

1977 - 1st discovery of hydrothermal vents (8-12°C) and animals at the Galapagos Rift

1979 - 1st black smoker vents (350°C) discovered at 21°N on the intermediate-spreading East Pacific Rise

1981 - vents discovered on the intermediate- spreading Juan de Fuca Ridge off Oregon/Washington

1982 - vents discovered in the sedimented Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California

1984 - 1st low temperature (methane) seep community discovered on a subduction zone (Cascadia) instead of a mid-ocean ridge

1985 - vents discovered on the slow-spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge; seeps discovered at Japan and Peru-Chile subduction zones (trenches)

1987 - vents discovered on a spreading center behind a subduction zone in Marianas Basin (near Guam)

1991 - Tubeworm Barbeque discovered within 2 weeks of an eruption, East Pacific Rise

1993 - discovery of shallowest known vent community (1000 m depth) at Lucky Strike on slow-spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge

2006 - first underwater volcanic eruption actually witnessed in real-time by anyone, NW Rota 1 volcano, Marianas

The research into the abyss continues. . . . (as long as there is funding of course!)

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