UNESCO IODE Meeting, Oostende, BELGIUM
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IODE headquarters, Oostende

IODE sign

Greg Reed kicking off Coastal Atlas Requirements meeting.

Organizers Murray Brown, Peter Pissierssens, and Greg Reed

L to R: Selorm (African Marine Atlas), Sean and Ramon (Caribbean Marine Atlas), Kathy (Belgian Coastal Atlas), Ned (MIDA)

Nathalie, Francisco, and Lucy of the African Marine Atlas team.

A floating harbor patrol "car"!

Oostende ferry

Oostende ferry

Oostende ferry heading out

Oostende ferry heading out

Oostende beach front

These structures serve as "holders" or anchors for offshore wind turbines

Memorial statue on beach front

Base of statue

Smart car!

A mini sighting!

Church near our hotel in Oostende

Pirate sighting in Oostende!

Oostende pirate

Cathedral in Oostende

Oostende train station

Sculptures at Oostende train station

Yacht harbor in Oostended

Canal in lovely Brugge

European flags around a traffic circle in Brugge

Rooftops in Brugge

Whimsical sculpture "climbing" a roof in Brugge

Brugge bicycle and roof sculpture

The Belfry, Brugge market square