Texas 2008 - GeoTech Conference (Dallas) and Texas A&M

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My rental car in Texas

On my tour of BIG movie theaters in BIG Texas

Studio Movie Grill

An even BIGGER theater: Cinemark!

Cinemark extended approximately 3 city blocks in length

Inside Cinemark

Cinemark lobby

Cinemark lobby

Cinemark lobby

Cinemark marquis

Back to College Station, Texas

Texas A&M Oceanography & Meteorology Building (O&M)


Visit to Will Heyman Marine Geography Lab (Will, left, with his fine grad students)

Dawn with Heyman lab

O&M entrance

Across the TAMU campus

Towards the Memorial Student Center

Kyle Field (football)

Kyle Field

Sorry Seattle Seahawks, this is the REAL home of the "12th Man"!!!

Football complex (including academic services for athletes).

Fountain near alumni building

Spirit of Aggie Bonfire sculpture

Bonfire sculpture


"The Circle" where I lived as a TAMU student circa 1984-1986

First house that I lived in on "The Circle"

I used to live in this garage

backyard where Bingo, my old Beagle, used to hang out