National Academy of Science Meetings in Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Geographical Sciences (Sept), Ocean Studies Board (Oct.),
Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research or SCOR (Oct.)

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Enroute to Woods Hole in September, I took these shots from the airplane of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, and downtown San Francisco

Monster Candlestick Park, home of the San Francisco 49ers

The Jonsson Center of the National Academy of Sciences in Woods Hole, where we held the third meeting of the NRC Committee on Strategic Directions in Geographical Sciences for the Next Decade, late September

More info. on the Jonsson Center is here.

Some flowers at the Jonsson Center

Boy, did I end up in a great breakout group at this NRC Committee Meeting (Sept)! From left: Karen Seto of Yale, Mike Goodchile of UCSB, Roger Downs of Penn State.

The Carriage House at the Jonsson Center where the NRC Ocean Studies Board meetings were held (Oct.)

Morning light and leaves changing in October, harbor behind Jonsson Center Carriage House.

Views of the small boat harbor at the Jonsson Center....

In the evening ....

Still more views of the harbor at Jonsson Center in the early morning.

US Coast Guard station at Woods Hole in October.

A NOAA research ship in port, Woods Hole, WHOI Iselin Marine Facility

WHOI Woods Hole village campus including buildings of the WHOI Marine Biological Laboratory.