SEPR Map Series
This paper appears in Marine Geophysical Researches, 18:1-12, 1996.

Daniel S. Scheirer+, Ken C. Macdonald^, Donald W. Forsyth+, Stephen P. Miller#, Dawn J. Wright**, and Milene-Helene Cormier&

+ Dept. of Geological Sciences, Brown University
^ Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara
# Sea Beam Instruments, East Walpole, MA
**Dept. of Geosciences, Oregon State University
& Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

A Map Series of the Southern East Pacific Rise and It's Flanks, 15° S to 19° S


Four large-scale bathymetric maps of the Southern East Pacific Rise and its flanks between 15 S and 19 S display many of the unique features of this superfast spreading environment, including abundant seamounts (the Rano Rahi Field), axial discontinuities, discontinuity migration, and abyssal hill variation. Along with a summary of the regional geology, these maps will provide a valuable reference for other sea-going programs on- and off-axis in this area, include the Mantle ELectromagnetic and Tomography (MELT) experiment.

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