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Public Participation GIS Seminar
Schedule and Resources
Fall 2007

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Date Week # Readings Leader
Sep 24 1 Course Introduction | PPT (10.3 Mb)
OPB Public Insight
Platial | PlaceWays Community Visualization
Portland Metro | GIS & Community Analysis
PPGIS Portal | URISA PPGIS Conferences Participatory Portal

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Ethics example

Marratech Guide | Notes on Joining Each Week
Marratech Reference Manual
Dawn Wright
Oregon State
Oct 1 2 Review and Discussion of...
Harris, T. and Weiner, D., 1998. Empowerment, marginalization, and "community-integrated" GIS. Cartog. Geog. Inf. Sys., 25(2): 67-76. [hardcopy only]
Discussion leaders: Paris and Maria
YouTube Video | Student PPT file

Ghose, R., 2001. Use of information technology for community empowerment: Transforming geographical information systems into community information systems. Transactions in GIS, 5: 141-163.
Discussion leaders: Scott and Elina
Oct 8 3 Review and Discussion of...
Ghose, R. and S. Elwood, 2003. Public participation GIS and local political context: Propositions and research directions.
URISA Journal 15(APA II): 17-24.

Sieber, R., 2006. Public participation geographic information systems: A literature review and framework. AAG Annals, 96(3): 491-507.
Discussion leaders: Stephen, Susan, Wiley
Student PPT file | Their discussion questions
Oct 15 4.0 Review and Discussion of...
Elwood, S., 2007. Grassroots groups as stakeholders in spatial data infrastructures: challenges and opportunities for local data development and sharing. International Journal of Geographic Information Science, DOI: 10.1080/13658810701348971: 1-20.

Elwood, S., 2006. Beyond cooptation or resistance: Urban spatial politics, community organizations, and GIS-based spatial narratives.
AAG Annals, 96(2): 323-341.
Discussion leaders: Tyler, Jason, Eugene
Student PPT file | Models of the State (pdf)
Oct 17 4.1 WUN Lecture 1
PPGIS: Who are the "Public"
and What are They "Participating" In?
Robin Smith, U-Sheffield
Richard Kingston, U-Manchester

PPT file | Dawn's Notes | Questions Log
WUN Recording (78 Mb ftp)

Dave Unwin
Oct 22 5.0
Class Discussion and Group Project Work


Oct 24 5.1 WUN Lecture 2
Design Strategies for Participatory GIS/SDSS
Piotr Jankowski, San Diego State U.

PPT file | Dawn's Notes | Questions Log
WUN Recording (ftp site)

Robin Smith
Oct 29 6
Class Discussion and Group Project Work


Nov 5 7.0
Class Discussion and Group Project Work


Nov 7 7.1 WUN Lecture 3
Unpacking the Complexities of PPGIS
Rina Ghose, U-Wisconsin-Milwaukee

PPT file | Dawn's Notes | Questions Log
WUN Recording (ftp site)
Tim Nyerges
Nov 12 8.0
Class Discussion and Group Project Work


Nov 14
8.1 WUN Lecture 4
Critical GIS:
Methods for Exploring PGIS and PPGIS Use
Sarah Elwood
, U-Washington

WUN Recording (ftp site) | Dawn's Notes
Derek Karssenberg
Nov 19 9
Class Discussion and Group Project Work


Nov 26 10.0
Presentations of
Group Projects

Group 1 | Group 2 | Project 3
Nov 28 10.1 WUN Lecture 5
Quantifying the Qualitative: Capturing Environmental Perception in Space/Place Problems
Steve Carver
, U-Leeds

WUN Recording (ftp site)
Screen Snapshots (zip) | Chat Log
David Dibiase
Penn State
Dec 5 11
WUN Lecture 6
Reflections on and Directions for PPGIS Research
Tim Nyerges
, U-Washington

WUN Recording (ftp site)
Screen Snapshots (zip) | Dawn's Notes and Chat Log
Dave Unwin

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