A 7-yr old Deepsea Dawn

A 4-month old Lydia

Me and my little pal Poki!

Antoinette & Luis

My godson Joe &
his little bro Will!

(a long time ago!)

My Easter Island family

My pals Sue, Kipper (Lydia's best bud), and Steve
Rest in peace, dear friends Steve (6/26/07) and Kipper (12/23/07)

Pals and colleagues
at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

This picture, featuring the winners of a "crazy hat contest," was taken aboard the R/V Atlantis II in 1992 during an Alvin submersible cruise to the East Pacific Rise at 9° N latitude, site of the world-famous "Tubeworm Barbecue."

Here's the "Dawnmobile": a 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman!