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High Rez Photos, Suitable for Printed Media, Authorized by Dawn Wright and/or Esri

Esri Chief Scientist, Speaking at User Conference (preferred, high-rez) | smaller size jpg

Esri Chief Scientist Photo 1 - maroon shirt for web | high-rez tiff

Esri Chief Scientist Photo 2

Esri Chief Scientist Photo 3

With Astronaut Kathy Sullivan (low-rez, 2017)

Short professional bio | Full CV

Online Profiles/Interviews/Essays/Podcasts/Webcasts

The Oceanography Society - ocean data science (2021)
"I Was a Kid" bio comic by Karen Romano Young, see also (2021)

NatureServe Conservation Conversations (career, mapping biodiversity, Legos) (2020)
Long Beach Post Interview - including thoughts on diversity (2020)
CalAcademy Breakfast Club Presentation: Dawn Wright on Deepsea Mapping (2020)
AAAS Member Spotlight - including thoughts on diversity (2020)
#BlackinMarineScience (2020)
Microsoft Protecting our Planet: Committing to Biodiversity Launch (2020)
Esri & The Science of Where podcast: Earth Day in a Time of Pandemic (2020)
Esri & The Science of Where podcast: Our Ocean, Our Future (2020)
Esri & The Science of Where podcast: Climate Change: Science, Solutions, Hope (2020)
Esri & The Science of Where podcast: Toward Sustainable Prosperity in Business and Government (2020)
Esri & The Science of Where podcast: Climate Change is Here and Now (2020)
Esri & The Science of Where podcast: Why Exploration Could be the Key to Saving our Planet (2020)
Maps as Stories: A Seafloor-Mapping Celebration Honoring Marie Tharp webinar (2020) | Related blog post from EGU
Called to Science - faith-based focus (unaware of it until 2020)

Esri Australia Interviews, Talks, and Articles (2019)
The Treasure Map That Led Me to the Bottom of the Sea, City Lab, The Atlantic - women-in-science focus (2019)
A Theology of Hustle interview with Pastor Currey Blandford, Wheaton, IL - faith-based focus (2019)

AGU Centennial (AGU 100) StoryCorps podcast - Data Science/Informatics (2018)
AGU Third Pod from the Sun, Episode 11 - Deepsea Drilling (2018)
Important, Not Important podcast, Is the Ocean Running Out of Oxygen? Is That Bad? (2018)

Digital Resilience, Lost in the Stacks (the world's only research library rock’n’roll show), Georgia Tech (2017)
Symbiosis: Stories About [Science] Teamwork podcast (13:36 to end), The Story Collider, recorded in San Francisco, CA - including thoughts on diversity (2017)
Nature News (2017)
BBC Click (2017)

Meet the Extraordinary Women Making Maps Today, City Lab, The Atlantic (2016)
Women at the Forefront of Innovation at Esri (2016)
Advice & Inspiration for Women in Science (2016)
Smart Disruption, Unconscious Bias, & Beyond the Ivory Tower: Dispatches from the 2016 Women in Science Summit (2016)
KQED Feature on Gender Bias in Science (2016)

     Hidden Lives of Humpbacks (2015, my student)
     Where the Wild Whales Are (2014, my student)

ECO Magazine (2014)
Harvard Design Magazine (2014)

HistoryMakers/ScienceMakers (2013)
Diving into Esri's Ocean and Natural Science Initiatives (2012)
Joining Esri (2011)
9 1/2 Questions posed by The Atlantic (2011)
Profile for WS 320, Gender and Technology Course (2008)
Terra Magazine (2007)
Women Exploring the Oceans: Women Oceanographers (2000-2004, pdf)
OSU College of Science Record (2002, pdf)
Corvallis Macintosh Users Group (2006, pdf)
AAAS Science magazine (2005, pdf, reference to Univ of Oregon is a TYPO!!)
The Oceanography Society special issue (2005, pdf)
OSU Barometer (student newspaper, 2004, pdf)
Oregonian newspaper feature (2002, pdf) (1999-present)

Online Videos

2020 UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Commencement Address (16:08 to 30:18)
2020 Ignite at AGU, evening science storytelling
2020 UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Storytelling for the SDGs
2020 AltaSea Trailblazing Ocean Discovery and Conservation
2020 NatureServe Conservation Conversation
2020 Cal Academy Breakfast Club
2020 Esri Science Symposium
2020 Climate Apps for FL 16th Congressional District Event (September)

2019 Esri "See What Others Can't" campaign, GIS "Aha Moment" Video
2019 1000 STEM Women Project Flipgrid home video

2018 Let Science Speak (Episode 6) (premiered at Tribeca Film Festival)
2018 Let Science Speak followup on Weather Channel

2017 GEO-XIV Plenary Video, GEO Week 2017, Washington, DC
2017 Esri User Conference Plenary: Science of Learning Part 1 + Part 2 (to audience of 15,000)
For fun: Deepsea Dawn Talks Like a Pirate! (2017 ITLAPD)
Revelle Lecture (2017, no graphics)

Esri Ocean Forum Keynote Intro (2016)

Latest Developments in Oceanographic Applications of GIS (2016)

2012 Esri User Conference Plenary Video: Ocean GIS (to audience of ~12,000)
Jack Dangermond and Dawn Wright Chat About Oceans
Esri Ocean GIS Initiative | 2013 Ocean GIS Forum Plenary Panel | 2012 Oceans Summit
Esri Chief Scientist Overview
2011 Environmental Scientists Tell Why They Love Their Jobs (Stanford's Aldo Leopold Leadership Program)
     Download Dawn component in full (38 Mb, poor audio)
Amazing deepsea creatures, geology seen on the East Pacific Rise (EPR): EPR 9N | EPR 17-18S
     Videos courtesy of Prof. Ken Macdonald, UCSB

Links to other sites where there are pictures of work in the field or in the lab

Documentary film work with Scripps + Generous Films (2017)
With budding young scientist (2007)
Climbing into Pisces submersible (2005)
Recovering sample after submersible dive (2005)
Pisces submersible collage (2005)
With students
Field Survey, Am. Samoa
Submersible Launch and Dive Photos (4 Mb zip file)
Alvin on the Juan de Fuca Ridge
Alvin: the very first dive!

Field Survey, SE Pacific
Working with K-12 Teachers
Plenary talk, Ireland
Lab visit, Ireland