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Place Matters: Geospatial Tools for Marine Science,
Conservation, and Management in the Pacific Northwest
Published in Spring 2005, Oregon State University Press

Chapter Title/Authors Lead Word
Foreword (pdf) Sylvia Earle   1177
Preface (pdf) Dawn J. Wright, Astrid J. Scholz   865
Bios of Contributors      
Pushing the Envelope:
Selected Models and Methods of Marine GIS
1 Biogeographic Assessments of NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries: The Integration of Ecology and GIS to Aid in Marine Management Boundary Delineation and Assessment (pdf)
Mark Monaco, Matt Kendall, Jamison Higgins, Charles Alexander, and Mitchell Tartt
NOAA/NOS National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment, Biogeography Program and NOAA/NOS National Marine Sanctuaries Program
Dawn 4315
2 Mapping Global Fisheries Patterns and their Consequences (pdf)
Reg Watson, Jackie Alder, Villy Christensen and Daniel Pauly
University of British Columbia
Astrid 8537
3 The Benefits and Pitfalls of Geographic Information Systems in Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping (pdf)
H. Gary Greene, Joseph J. Bizzarro, Janet E. Tilden, Holly L. Lopez, and Mercedes D. Erdey
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Dawn 5000
4 Modeling Inshore Rockfish Habitat in British Columbia: A Pilot Study (pdf)
Jeff Ardron and Scott Wallace
Living Oceans and Blue Planet Research and Education
Astrid 5774
Science in Action:
Working Examples of Marine GIS
5 The OCEAN Framework--Modeling the Linkages between Marine Ecology, Fishing Economy, and Coastal Communities (pdf)
Astrid Scholz, Mike Mertens, and Charles Steinback
Astrid 7887
6 Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary: Advancing the Science and Policy of Marine Protected Areas (pdf)
Satie Airame
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Astrid 11,082
7 The Tools of the Oregon Coastal Atlas (pdf)
Tanya Haddad, Dawn Wright, Michele Dailey, Paul Klarin, John Marra, Randy Dana, and David Revell
Oregon Ocean-Coastal Management Program, Ecotrust, Oregon State University
Dawn 6991
8 Nearshore Marine Conservation Planning in the Pacific Northwest: Exploring the Utility of a Siting Algorithm for Representing Marine Biodiversity (pdf)
Zach Ferdana
The Nature Conservancy
Dawn 9435
Democratizing Data:
Civil Society Groups'
Usage of Marine GIS
9 Continental-scale Conservation Planning: The Baja, California to Bering Sea Region (pdf)
Lance Morgan, Peter Etnoyer, and Elliott Norse
Marine Conservation Biology Institute and Aquanautix Consulting
Astrid 9469
10 Using GIS to Elicit and Apply Local Knowledge to Ocean Conservation (pdf)
Kate Bonzon, Rod Fujita, and Peter Black
Environmental Defense
Astrid 7378
11 Rapid Shoreline Inventory: A Citizen-Based Approach to Identifying and Prioritizing Marine Shoreline Conservation and Restoration Projects (pdf)
Philip Bloch, Jessemine Fung, Tom Dean, Lisa Younger, and Jacques White
People for Puget Sound, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Vashon Island Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy
Dawn 6050
12 Port Orford Ocean Resources Team: Partnering Local and Scientific Knowledge with GIS to Create a Sustainable Community in Southern Oregon (pdf)
Victoria Wedell, David Revell, Laura Anderson, and Leesa Cobb
Oregon State University, Surfrider Foundation, and Port Orford Ocean Resource Team
Dawn 8487
13 Spatial Reasoning for "Terra Incognita": Progress and Grand Challenges of Marine GIS (pdf)
Dawn J. Wright and Patrick N. Halpin
Oregon State University and Duke University
Dawn 5611
Web Site
Tools, Maps, Data Sets, PPT files from AAAS, and Web Links

The editors and publisher gratefully acknowledge the support of:
Ecotrust, a conservation organization dedicated to strengthening communities and the environment from Alaska to California—the place we call Salmon Nation
NSF grant EIA-0113519 and NOAA NESDIS funding, both to D. Wright via the Cooperative Institute for Ocean Satellite Studies.

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