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The Constitution of the
Oregon State University
Black Graduate Student Association

est. April 29, 1998

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Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA).

Section 2: Purpose

The BGSA is an organization dedicated to making the Oregon State University (OSU) community aware of and responsive to the needs and concerns of Black graduate students. The BGSA serves as a professional and social support body for graduate and undergraduate students. BGSA is particularly concerned with the recruitment and retention of Black undergraduates into graduate school.

BGSA encourages the development of interdependent relationships between Black graduate students and faculty with a particular focus on Black faculty and staff. BGSA will be supportive of establishing interdependent relationships between Black graduate and undergraduate students, particularly through the OSU Ujima Education Office and/or Black Cultural Center. The BGSA will cultivate communications with Black graduate and undergraduate students attending neighboring colleges and universities. BGSA will enhance and sustain a relationship with the local Black and OSU communities, as well as the national Black graduate student community.

Section 3: Membership

Members shall consist of any graduate students at Oregon State University who have paid membership dues and who are interested in the goals and purposes of the BGSA.

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Section 1: There shall be four (4) Executive Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the members during the annual election meeting held before the academic year in which they shall hold office, or as the need arises to fill vacancies created during the year. Officers shall participate in an apprenticeship under the outgoing officer from the Quarter following their election. Apprenticeships shall last one quarter. This apprentice shall begin before the official beginning of the officer's post, unless a resignation or removal of post occurs. When an officer is elected to fill an unexpired term, they shall take office immediately and serve until the normal expiration of the term.

Section 2: There shall be an Executive Committee comprised of the four executive officers, BGSA advisor, and committee chairpersons. The President shall appoint committee chairpersons. When circumstances necessitate, the Executive Committee shall have the power to make policies and decisions before these circumstances are presented to the membership. Any such policy or decision must be submitted to the membership for action as its first order of old business at the next member meeting.

Section 3: Duties and Powers of the PRESIDENT, Executive of the BSGA, include:

Section 5: Duties and powers of the VICE-PRESIDENT shall include:

Section 6: Duties and powers of the TREASURER shall include: Maintaining a current and detailed record of the fiscal condition and financial transactions of BGSA, including, revenues, obligations, and expenditures.

Section 7: Duties and powers of the SECRETARY shall include:

Section 8: Powers of the MEMBERS. The members shall be empowered:

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Section 1: The Executive Committee shall consist of the four executive officers and shall hold the power as denoted in Article II, Section 2. The President as the BGSA shall appoint other committees, standing or special, or the Executive Committee deems necessary.

Section 2: Upon the development of a BGSA web site and/or newsletter, the Editor shall be considered a committee chairperson.

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Section 1: The Advisor must be a faculty or staff member at Oregon State University, recommended by the Black Faculty, Staff, and students on campus, and approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 2: The Advisor must attend all Executive Committee meetings and, if deemed necessary, attend general and special meetings.

Section 3: The Advisor shall be a member of the Editorial Board of the BGSA to advise this committee of web site and/or newsletter needs and concerns.

Section 4: The Advisor shall provide guidance, assistance and recommendations to the BGSA officers and members.

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Section 1: Any candidate for any office, chair, or other position in the BGSA - elected, appointed, or service - must be held by a member of the BGSA as defined in Article I, Section 3.

Section 2: All officers must be full-time matriculated graduate students at Oregon State University.

Section 3: Candidates for any position established by this Constitution are also required to meet any additional eligibility requirements contained in other Articles of this constitution.

Section 4: Loss of student status is equivalent to loss of membership and shall be a cause of ineligibility to hold office.

Section 5: If the propriety of an election is in question as to the validity, meaning the validity of the election, the candidate cannot vote in action taken to prove the validity of the election.

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Section 1: Vacancies occur immediately in offices or positions established herein by:

Section 2: Any officer or Executive Committee member may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the full membership of the BGSA for malfeasance, nonfeasance, neglect of duty, or abuse of power.

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Section 1: The rules contained in the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall govern in all cases where it is deemed necessary, and where they are not consistent with the BGSA Constitution, rules or by-laws.

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Section 1: Any member may propose Amendments to this Constitution.

Section 2: Amendments shall be adopted upon two-thirds vote of the full membership.

Section 3: Any Amendment to this Constitution shall take effect upon the date specified by the Membership at the time the Amendment is ratified.

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Section 1: This document will take immediate effect upon ratification by simple majority vote of all the Black graduate students voting.

Section 2: Times, places, and procedure for a general referendum of issues concerning Black graduate students will be established by the Executive Committee.

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Last updated May 2, 1998