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Where is American Samoa?
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Samoa Tsunami Rapid Environmental Impact Survey Maps, Upolu, Samoa, Received from OSU Alum Paul Anderson, 10/20/09:
Survey Sites | People Per Village | Individuals | Families Under Tarps | Fresh Water Sources | Solid Waste

Samoa Tsunami Damage Maps Received from OSU Alum Paul Anderson, 9/30/09: Tutuila, Am. Samoa | Upolu, Samoa | Lalomanu, Upolu, Samoa
Paul's Report to LIFE@OSU

Video Footage of Relief Efforts in Upolu, Samoa
Amazing Photos of Tsunami in Action and Damage in Am. Samoa
An Excellent Blog | A NASA Image of the Day

Tsunami Inundation DEM for Tutuila, Am. Samoa (uses a lot of our data) | Image
Am. Samoa Hazard Mitigation Plan, 2008 (7 Mb pdf)
Tsunami History in Region

Woods Hole Interactive Tsunami Guide

Pacific Disaster Net for Samoa and Tonga

USGS Earthquake Info for M8.0, Samoa Islands Region
Eric Geist's USGS Resources

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Photo montage in header courtesy of National Marine Sanctuary System and Kip Evans, National Geographic Society