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Marine and Coastal
Geographical Information Systems

© 2000

Hardcover ISBN: 0-7484-0862-2
Paperback ISBN: 0-7484-0870-3

"This landmark text should be an integral part of any academic curriculum encompassing marine and coastal sciences and should be on the bookshelf of any geographic information or marine scientist."
-- InReview, Geospatial Solutions, September 2000 issue

Edited by Dawn Wright (Oregon State University, USA) and Darius Bartlett (University College Cork, IRELAND)

Foreword by Mike Goodchild

Part of the Taylor & Francis Research Monographs in Geographical Information Systems series, edited by Peter Fisher, Department of Geography, Leicester University, and Jonathan Raper, Department of Information Science, City University, London (formerly at the Department of Geography, Birbeck College, University of London).

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Table of Contents

Errata from first printing (© 1999)

Errata from second printing (© 2000)

Review of Book in Geospatial Solutions, 2000 (1.2 Mb pdf file)

Review in The Professional Geographer, 54(2):291-293, 2002, page 1 | page 2


As marine and coastal applications of GIS are finally gaining wide acceptance in scientific as well GIS communities, our hope is that this book will be a timely compilation of ongoing GIS research and innovation in deepsea geology, chemistry, and biology, and coastal geology, biology, engineering, and resource management. The book should inspire and stimulate continued research in this important new application domain of GIS. This is an exciting time, as there is finally a "critical mass" of leading scholars in marine and coastal GIS who can make rigorous contributions to a volume such as this. Marine and Coastal Geographical Information Systems is NOT meant to be an introductory text in either marine science or GIS. Rather, it focuses on the potential and progress of GIS research in the marine and coastal realm. Contributed chapters are based not only on theoretical constructs for this application domain, but on empirical results as well.


Selected Topics

Primary and Secondary Readership

Its completeness and relevance makes Marine and Coastal Geographical Information Systems an important book for anyone interested in the ocean environment while wishing to be exposed to GIS research methodology. However, we expect the primary audience to be comprised of oceanographers, marine and coastal geographers, coastal resource managers and consultants, marine technologists, government researchers, and graduate students.

These individuals may belong to societies such as the Association of American Geographers (particularly the Coastal/Marine Geography and GIS specialty groups), the Canadian Association of Geographers, the American Geophysical Union, the Oceanography Society, the International Geographical Union, the American Geophysical Union, and the Association for Geographic Information.

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