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January: A visit with the Lynn family in Ventura: Robyn, Lorrie (5), Anna (1.5), Sara (10)

Nothing like a good game of Clue!

May: ODP friends Jerry Bode and Michiko Hitchcox after a San Diego lunch

Faithful ODP "yeopeople" present and past...

Baywatch, San Diego style

NSF MG&G Data Management Workshop, La Jolla, CA, May 14-16, 2001

Discussions at break time but where's the sun?

Poster session...

Demos and posters...

Lydia the science dog, at Scripps Inst. of Oceanography
(with Suzanne Carbotte and Steve Cande)

Hyram, Ant, Poki, Chris, and Lydia in front of the most awesome garage door mural in Cayucos (central CA).

Chris, Ant, Poki, Lydia, and ... the Spiderman!

Which way is which?

Dawn, Chris, Poki, and snoozing Lydia...

Silliness with Hyram...

Hanging out in the yard...

... and at the beach (w/super pooch, Rye, in foreground).

Setting Chris' old Antarctic powdered rock samples free to return home!
July: Deepsea Dawn in Ant's RV Atlantis life jacket, purchased at a flea market for $1! The Atlantis was WHOI's first research vessel.
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