Dawn's Favorite
Rugrat Runes:
From the
Mouths of Babes...

© 1996 Nickelodeon Studios

"Well, I guess being married is ok if you get juice."

"As Bob is my witless...!"

"The world is my toaster!"

"The toast is clear!"

"That's the final nail in the coffee!"

"It's time you learned about the facts of lice!"

"If you tell a lie, your nose will grow big, just like Pistachio!"

"Why don't you put your mommy where your mouse is!"

"This meeting is now called to order... Any nude business?"

"Well the cat's out of the bagel now!"

"If you think eating carpet lint is fun, wait til you fall in love."

"Welllll, ONE, the pottie's out there; TWO, we're in here; and SIX, we don't know where the flusher is!"

"It's not so much the oatmeal that's scary. It's the guy on the box with the scary hat!"

And watch out for. . . .
"the rebel without a teddybear"
"elastic perjury"
"the seventh blunder of the world"
"the maltese woodchuck"
"the abdominal snowman"
"the poopatrator of the crime"
"the dummi bears"
"miss mow-it-all"
"an all-suspense-paid vacation"
"Nakey Americans"

"It's time to face facts! The Sixties are over and we lost - so just get with the program!"
-- Betty DeVille

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