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All 4 Authors at Book-Signing, 2007 ESRI User Conference
INDUSTRY LEAD - Joe Breman - The industry lead is an industry manager/disciplinary expert from ESRI who balances the perspectives of data producers, data users, and business partners within the application domain. He/she understands who needs to be involved in the project so that the important "players" are included in design decisions. This person also helps to organize meetings and workshops, ensuring that key players show up or are kept informed. Our initial industry lead was Steve Grise at ESRI. Joe Breman is now a GIS architect for Akimeka LLC on Maui, Hawaii.

DISCIPLINE/DOMAIN TECHNICAL LEADS - Dawn Wright, Oregon State University and Pat Halpin, Duke University.
The discipline/domain technical leads are deeply immersed in the subject matter, and are typically leaders in implementing GIS projects within that discipline. They provide technical leadership in the user community in order to help people understand what is being worked on and how it is relevant to their organization or research group. The discipline/domain technical leads need to understand the discipline well enough to talk about the big issues: i.e., current and evolving federal standards, typical projects, what should be important features in the data model design, etc. They are also the design partners of the ArcGIS technical lead.

ARCGIS TECHNICAL LEAD - Michael Blongewicz, formerly of DHI-Water & Environment, now with TomTom. The ArcGIS technical lead typically maintains the analysis and UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams throughout the life of the project. This person must have access to all of the tools required for building and testing the design, (i.e., Visio diagramming software, ArcGIS, and ArcSDE), as breakthrough ideas in a modeling exercise come mainly from hands-on, practical experience. In collaboration with the discipline/domain technical leads, this person facilitates the technical design and reviews of the model, should intimately understand all of the technical issues involved, and be able to explain the rationale behind modeling decisions.

KEY TECHNICAL CONTRIBUTORS - Simon Evans, ESRI, Eric Treml, now at the University of Queensland, and Jason Marshall, NOAA Coastal Services Center
Key technical contributors provided important, relevant input and feedback at the initial stages of the project.representing a few different perspectives (for example, that of developers, consultants, designers, etc.).

INTERNATIONAL REVIEW TEAM - This is the larger group of reviewers and participants, representing key interests for all parts of the user community. Reviewers should represent their personal and organizational interests, but also the interests of peers who will eventually use the data model. The review team at the early stages of the project consisted of (in alphabetical order with names of those participating in working groups and workshops bolded):

CASE STUDY TESTING TEAM MEMBERS - This group has prepared case study applications of Arc Marine, using their own data or additional sample geodatabases as identified on the case study page.


Thanks also to ESRI employees Jim Ciarrocca, Jeanne Foust, Jason Willison, Ann Johnson, and Aileen Buckley for their support.

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