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Arc Marine
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Reference Book
Wright, D.J., Blongewicz, M.J., Halpin, P.N. and Breman, J., 2007. Arc Marine: GIS for a Blue Planet, Redlands, CA: ESRI Press, 202 pp. ISBN 978-1-58948-017-9

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Review in GEO:connexion International
Review in USGS Sound Waves Newsletter
Review in Photogrammetric Eng. & Remote Sensing
Review in Oceanography, quarterly journal of The Oceanography Society
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Podcast from 2007 ESRI UC (13 min.)

At a time when the health of our oceans is seen as crucial to our very existence, marine researchers have developed a data model that supports seafloor mapping, fisheries management, marine mammal tracking, monitoring of shoreline change, and water temperature analysis. Our ability to measure change in oceans and along coasts has increased as marine GIS has grown more complex. Arc Marine: GIS for a Blue Planet presents the initial results of a successful effort to create and define a data model for the marine community—that group of academic, government, military, and private oceanographers, resource managers, conservationists, geographers, nautical archaeologists and others who support better management of complex spatial analysis in marine applications. The data model not only provides structure to storing and analyzing marine data but helps users create maps and 3-dimensional scenes of the marine environment in ways invaluable to decision making. The standards and best practices that emerged from the case studies in Arc Marine: GIS for a Blue Planet help form a diverse set of resources to draw from as the marine community strives to understand, illuminate, chart, and explore the unknown depths. As a teaching tool, Arc Marine: GIS for a Blue Planet serves as a perfect starting point for the intermediate student or as a resource for the expert in marine GIS and its implementation.

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Foreword by Jane Lubchenco, OSU Distinguished Professor of Marine Biology and Zoology; Member of Pew Oceans Commission and Joint Oceans Commission Initiative, and current administrator of NOAA



Chapter 1 - Introduction

      ESRI UC Authors' Panel PPT (13.2 Mb)

Chapter 2 - Common Marine Data Types

     Common Marine Data Types Diagram

Chapter 3 - Marine Surveys

     USGS Seafloor Mapping Case Study
      ESRI UC Panel PPT (6.6 Mb)

      Photoscience/USGS Louisiana Coastal Subsidence/Sea-Level Rise Case Study

Chapter 4 - Marine Animal Data Applications

      Duke U. Marine Animal (Whale/Turtle/Seal) Case Studies {5}
      ESRI UC Panel PPT (16.5 Mb)
      Related Tools: Contact Ei Fujioka for Scripts and Tools Mentioned in Chapter
      See also Duke's Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools Site

      Related 2007 Case Study: Tracking the Great Whales (Oregon State U.)

Chapter 5 - Implementing Time Series and Measurements

      Marine Institute (IRELAND) Case Study
      ERRATUM: Figure 5.9 on page 94 is incorrect. Here is the correct Figure 5.9. The caption in the book is correct as printed.
      Related Tools: DHI release of MIKE Marine GIS | Release Notes | Other

Chapter 6 - Nearshore and Coastal/Shoreline Analysis

      Oregon State U./Hawai'i Natural Heritage Program Reef Fish Case Study
      National Park Service Hawaiian Coral Reef Monitoring Case Study
      Photoscience/Martin County Florida Coastal Planning Case Study
      DHI Sediment Transport/Shoreline Evolution (DENMARK) Case Study
        ESRI UC Panel PPT (6.6 Mb)

Chapter 7 - Model Meshes

      Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (GERMANY) Case Study
       ESRI UC Panel PPT (6.6 Mb)

Chapter 8 - Multidimensional GIS

      Related Tools: 2.5-D Interpolator Tool for ArcGIS 9.x (rt-click, Save As, 120 Kb)
          Tips on using the tool (236 Kb, PDF) | Contact the developer Morakot Pilouk
          Example mdb, sxd, and related raster surfaces using tool
            (rt-click, Save As, 14 Mb zip)

          Tips on Calculating Volumes using an ArcGIS Approach

Chapter 9 - Epilogue

Arc Marine Poster (31 Mb PDF)

Download the Model

Arc Marine Tutorial

Geodatabase Tips & Tricks (thanks to Katsura Iizuka)

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