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Using Arc Marine in ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x
Tutorial for Beginners

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Many thanks to Paulo Serpa of the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and California Department of Fish and Game. Additional content by Dawn Wright and Alyssa Aaby, Oregon State University. Remotely-operated-vehicle (ROV) track and fish observation data used in this tutorial were graciously provided by the California Department of Fish and Game, Marine Region ROV Nearshore Assessment Program. Tutorial material produced with the support of NOAA Coastal Services Center (CSC) GIS Integration and Development grant #NA04NOS473007, and the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, as part of the GIS Training for Marine Resource Management Curriculum. This tutorial tested initially at the NOAA CSC-sponsored GIS Training for Marine Resource Management Workshop, Monterey, CA, June, 2005. Many thanks to Andra Bobbitt of the NOAA PMEL Vents Group for further initial testing of this online version, as well as to Dr. Ela Dramowicz of the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) and OSU doctoral student Dori Dick for assistance with the ArcGIS 10 version.

Tutorial for ArcGIS 10: pdf | MS Word

Tutorial for ArcGIS 9

Required Data and Schema:
Tutorial data (rt click, Save As, 39 Mb zip file)
Unzipping this file will produce a folder named "E_Datamodel" within which you will find the various data sets needed in "Tutorial" and the schema in "Tutorial\ArcMDM". You will want to "connect" to these series of folders in ArcCatalog.

Highly Recommended Accompanying Files:
Common Marine Data Types Diagram to help you match your data to the appropriate feature classes
Conceptual Framework PPT (28 Mb file by D. Wright, 6/15/05, important background information on initiation and development of Arc Marine)
Tutorial Intro PPT (540 K file by P. Serpa, 6/15/05, for introducing tutorial to classroom participants, important general background information on geodatabases)
Old Tutorial PPT (13 Mb PDF file by A. Aaby, D. Wright, ESRI UC 2004, info. from old tutorial based on ArcGIS 8.3 but with some important tips and tricks that are still quite useful)

Last update: July 2, 2011
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