Winter 2007 Geosciences Seminar Series
GEO 407/507

Tuesday afternoons
4:00-5:00 p.m.
Gilfillan Auditorium

Visualization samples to the left include various projects in the OSU labs of Drs. Mike Bailey and Dawn Wright, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Visualization Lab, NASA JPL and others.... Reload page to see more.

Geovisualization combines approaches such as 3-D scientific visualization, image processing, computer graphics, animation, simulation, and virtual reality in order to help present information in a new way so that patterns can be found, greater understanding can be developed, and scientific and societal problems can be solved. It is a particularly "hot" area of research right now, having, for instance, been recognized nationally and internationally as one of the "grand challenges" of geographic information science, aka "GIScience." Geovisualization is visualization as it relates to spatial data, and can therefore be applied to all stages of problem-solving in geographical and geological analysis, from the development of initial hypotheses, to analysis, knowledge discovery, presentation and evaluation. While broader information visualization is being developed in nearly all branches of science, geovisualization is a domain to which geographers and geologists are uniquely positioned to contribute.

The OSU Department of Geosciences, with the generous support of the OSU Foundation's L.L. Stewart Faculty Development Fund, the OSU IGERT Doctoral Program in Ecosystem Informatics, and Oregon Space Grant, is pleased to present the following line-up of distinguished speakers:

January 9th
Dr. Mark Harrower, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Visualizing Geographic Processes and the Role of Visualization in Scientific Research"
web profile | abstract & bio | presentation slides (97 Mb pdf)
demos (255 Mb zip, latest version of QuicktTime recommended)

January 16th
Mr. Tim Holt, Department of Forest Science, OSU
"Games Get Serious: Computer Games for Visualization and More"
bio | presentation slides | audio podcast (48 Mb mp3) | GNNViz | OSU press release

January 23rd
Dr. Rob Edsall, School of Geographical Sciences, Arizona State University
"The Human Activity of Visualization: Cultural and Psychological Factors in Representation of Geographic Phenomena"
web profile | abstract | presentation slides | audio podcast (90 Mb mp3)

January 30th
Dr. Mike Bailey, OSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
"3-D Scientific Visualization"
web profile | presentation slides | audio podcast (56 Mb mp3)

February 6th
Dr. Mark Gahegan, Department of Geography and GeoVISTA Center, Penn State University
"Visualization, Analytics and Spatial Decision Support in the Geosciences Network (GEON)"
web profile | presentation slides | audio podcast (87 Mb mp3)

February 13th
Dr. May Yuan, College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences, University of Oklahoma
"Temporal GIS for Meteorological Applications"
web profile | presentation w/animations (6.6 Mb PPT) | audio podcast (29.3 Mb mp3, second half of talk lost due to technical glitch)
2006 workshop

February 20th
Mr. Kirk Goldsberry, doctoral candidate, Department of Geography, UC-Santa Barbara
"Real-time Traffic Maps for the Internet and Mobile Devices"
web profile | presentation (4.2 Mb PPS) | audio podcast (88.6 Mb mp3)

February 27th
Ms. Julie Dillemuth, IGERT doctoral candidate in Interactive Digital Media, UC-Santa Barbara
"Geovisualization of News Stories"
web profile | presentation slides | Animation 1 | Animation 2
audio podcast (75.4 Mb mp3)

March 6th
Dr. Randy Keller, School of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oklahoma
"Constructing, Editing, and Visualizing Integrated Models of Earth Structure:
A View to the Future"
web profile 1 | web profile 2 | presentation slides (52.7 Mb pdf)
audio podcast (80 Mb mp3)

March 13th
Dr. Bob Crippen, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
"NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission Visualization of Earth Landscapes"
web profile 1 | web profile 2
presentation slides (WARNING! 226 Mb file! Stereo glasses helpful for many of the images)
USGS Data Access | NASA JPL STRM Information | Visualizations
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