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Welcome to Paradise!
Santa Barbara Home Base and San Diego

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Dawn's neighborhood, Mission Canyon area, Santa Barbara, CA
(elevation ~850 ft.)

Dawn's studio apartment is upper level of bldg. on right.
Main house on left also shown in previous picture...

Stairs to studio...

Famous Santa Barbara Mission just below where I live ...

The beautiful rose garden at the mission...

The 45-minute bike commute to the UCSB campus is lovely...

Pacific Ocean just off UCSB campus...

End of bike commute to the UCSB campus...

My cubicle at the NCGIA on campus ...
A favorite hike for me and Lydia at sunset...

Mom helped me move from Oregon then went to San Diego Wild Animal Park with me & dear friends Doc & Margaret Knotts...

Posing at the duck pond (no U. of Oregon Ducks allowed!)

Doc Knotts charts our course through the Wild Animal Park ...

San Diego flamingos ...

Tram tour of the Wild Animal Park ...

Riding the Santa Barbara merry-go-round with little pal Poki
(photos by Antoinette)

Tina, Luis, Poki, Dawn

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