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UCGIS Virtual Seminar Readings
Fall 2005

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Date Week # Readings Leader
Sep 26 0.1 Course Introduction
get used to software, etc.
Dawn Wright
Oregon State
Oct 3 0.2 Course Introduction
Virtual Seminar article

plus optional papers:

Martinson, B.C., Anderson, M.S., and de Vries, R. Scientists behaving badly Science, 2005, 435, 737-738. Related correspondence.

Onsrud, H.J., Identifying Unethical Conduct in the Use of GIS. Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, 1995, 22(1), 90-97.

Blakemore, M. and Longhorn, R. Ethics and GIS: The Practitioner's Dilemma, AGI 2004 Conference Workshop on "GIS Ethics", 2004, London, UK, 70 pp.
David DiBiase and Ann Luck
Penn State
Oct 10 1 The GIS Code of Ethics
Discussion leader: Zomenia

Links on Penn State syllabus

Will Craig
U. of Minnesota

Oct 17 2.1 Other Organizations' Codes of Ethics
Discussion leader: Mark

Links on Penn State syllabus

Steve Ventura
U. of Wisconsin
Oct 24 2.2 A GIS Student's Code of Ethics?
Discussion leaders: Stephen and Rich
Oct 31 3 Hostilities Towards GIS
Discussion leaders: Adele and Jed

Links on Penn State syllabus, plus

Schuurman, Nadine. (2000) Trouble in the heartland: GIS and its critics in the 1990s. Progress in Human Geography, 24, pp. 569-590.

Curry, Michael. (1997) The Digital Individual and the Private Realm. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 87, pp. 681-699

Dodge, Martin, and Kitchin, Rob (2005) The ethics of forgetting in an age of pervasive computing. CASA Working Paper 92.

Rich Harris
U. of Bristol, UK
Nov 7 4 Human Tracking and Geoslavery
Discussion leader: Michele

Dobson, Jerome E. and Peter F. Fisher, 2003. Geoslavery. IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. Spring, pp. 47-52.

Think Twice About Kid-Tracking (http://www.geoplace.com/gw/2003/0305/0305gngs.asp)
What Are the Ethical Limits of GIS? (http://www.geoplace.com/gw/2000/0500/0500g.asp)
Is GIS a Privacy Threat? (http://www.geoplace.com/gw/1998/0798/798onln.asp)

Lawrence, Kansas TV Interview with Dobson on Geoslavery

Jerry Dobson
U. of Kansas
Nov 14 5 Questions About Ethics for GIS Professionals
Discussion leader: Celeste

Berdichevsky, D. and E. Neunschwander (1999). Towards an ethics of persuasive technology. Communications of the ACM 42(5): 51-58.

Black, E. (2000). IBM: And that's how the trains ran on time History News Network online.

Chrisman, N. R. (1992). Ethics for the practitioners of geographic information systems embedded in 'real world' constraints of guilds, professions and institutional sponsorship. GIS/LIS 92. [hardcopy only]

Clark, M. J. (1998). "GIS--democracy or delusion?" Environment and Planning A 30(2): 303-316. [hardcopy only]

Crampton, J. (1995). "The ethics of GIS." Cartography and Geographic Information Systems 22(1): 84-89. [hardcopy only]

Francis Harvey
U. of Minnesota
Nov 21 6 GIS and Communities
Discussion leaders: Charlotte and Steven

Ghose, R. and S. Elwood (2003). Public Participation GIS and Local Political Context: Propositions and Research Directions. URISA Journal 15(APA II): 17-24.

Kwaku Kyem, P. A. (2004). Of intractable conflicts and participatory GIS applications: The search for consensus amidst competing claims and institutional demands. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 94(1): 37-57.

Mugerauer, R. (2000). Qualitative GIS: To mediate, not dominate. Information, Place, and Cyberspace. Issues in Accessibility. D. G. Janelle and D. C. Hodge. Berlin, Springer Verlag: 317 - 338.

Francis Harvey
U. of Minnesota

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