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Oregon Territorial Seafloor Mapping

    Latest News via Goldfinger Lab

    OSU Terra Magazine (Fall 2010)

    Mapping finally underway in Summer 2009 | Goldfinger Photo Gallery | Original OSU Press Release

    Oregon Marine and Coastal Mapping Group Newsletter (pdf, Goldfinger, Romsos, et al., Winter 2008)

    Oregon Marine Mapping Workshop (pdf, Goldfinger et al., 2008)

    Scientific Consensus Statement for Mapping the Oregon Territorial Seafloor (pdf, Spring 2006)

    Action Plan for Mapping Oregon's Territorial Seafloor (pdf, Fall 2006)

        Similar Project in Massachusetts

    West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health

    Presentation to Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) (rt-click, Save-As, PPT, 3/17/06)

    OSU Press Release (3/22/06)

    Response from OPAC (3/29/06)

    Associated Press article (4/7/06, picked up by CBS News, the Oregonian, Corvallis-Gazette Times, LA Times, others)

    Marine Technology Reporter (4/7/06)

    Oregon Legislative Joint Interim Committee on Emergency Preparedness, Subcommittee on Natural Disaster (7/18/06)

    Letter from Governor Kulongoski to Vice Admiral Lautenbacher of NOAA (9/11/06)

    Letter from OPAC to Oregon Congressional Delegation (9/14/06)
    Response from Admiral: page 1 | page 2 (11/2/06)

    Presentation to State Land Board (pdf, 12/12/06)

          Follow-up letters to Land Board: Governor | Treasurer | Secretary of State

    Oregon Legislative Joint Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Ocean Policy (2/8/07, Real Player audio file) PPT file available from Chris Goldfinger

    2008 Appropriation request to Oregon's federal delegation for federal funding in the FY08 state budget via Dept. of State Lands (submitted 2/07)

    Letter of Support, Oregon Emergency Management (pdf, 2/21/07)

    State Rep. Deborah Boone submits House Bill 2924 to Oregon legislature for full amount needed for territorial seafloor mapping (2/26/07)
          Passed on to Ways and Means (3/13/07) | Track the bill ("House Bill" and Number "2924")

    Salem Statesman Journal article that mentions our work and HB 2924 (3/7/07)

    Oregon Ocean Action Item Flyer (3/7/07)

    Related work in California (5/21/07)

    Presentation to State Land Board/COMPASS Legislative Staffers Luncheon (33 Mb pdf, 05/24/07)
          (other speaker was Vicki McConnell of DOGAMI)

    State Sen. Larry George, State Rep. Deborah Boone and others submit Senate Bill 1054 to Oregon legislature for $7.7 million to DOGAMI in order to pay costs for territorial seafloor mapping as led by OSU (5/29/07)
           Track the bill ("Senate Bill" and Number "1054")

    House Bill 2924 dies in Ways & Means - still hoping for Senate Bill 1054 (6/12/07)

    Draft Action Plan of the West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health (pdf, 10/19/07)
      Seafloor mapping mentioned prominently, especially Priority Area 6 and regarding Oregon, "another legislative effort is anticipated for the 2009 session."

    Sea Grant Marine Reserves Site | Oregon Marine Reserves

    Press Release on Latest Territorial Seafloor Map

    Report on Oregon's Coastal Economy in Support of Marine Reserve Planning

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