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Legacy Web Links and Groups While on Campus

GIS and Seafloor Mapping Research

AAG Coastal & Marine Geography Specialty Group
AAG Cyberinfrastructure Speciality Group
AAG Geographic Information Systems and Science Specialty Group
Davey Jones' Locker Projects:
Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary GIS Archive:
    Related FBNMS Links:
Marine/Coastal GIS Resources:
Oregon Coastal Atlas:
    Oregon Coast Geospatial Clearinghouse     Oregon Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images
Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center:
Seafloor Mapping Resources:
Oregon Explorer:

(to Top)Dawn's Books Published While at OSU

Coastal Informatics: Web Atlas Design & Implementation © 2010
Understanding the Changing Planet...: © 2010
   (as a member of the NRC Committee on Strategic Directions for the Geographical Sciences in the Next Decade chaired by A. Murphy)
Arc Marine: GIS for a Blue Planet: © 2007
Marine and Coastal Geographical Information Systems: © 2000
Undersea with GIS: © 2002
A Geospatial Framework for the Coastal Zone...: © 2004
   (as a member of the NRC National Needs for Coastal Mapping and Charting Committee chaired by L. Mayer)
Place Matters: Geospatial Tools for Marine Science...: © 2005

(to Top)OSU Campus

Help with GIS:
Broadening Participation in Science!
Digital Earth:
ESRI Site License:
Forestry's Spatial Data Management Group:
Geographic Information Science Certificate Program
GIS Data and Software on Campus:
GIS, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Surveying Courses:
IGERT in Ecosystem Informatics
Marine Resource Management Program:

(to Top) Drive My Current Car! | Yeah baby!

Build My Former Car! (File will download only, not play in browser. Directed by Roman Coppola, Sway Studio)

World's Best Adult Lego Enthusiast Sites:

Brickipedia | Brickset | Gizmodo and their Little Lego Guys Timeline | The Brick Testament | GodBricks | The Brothers Brick | Brick Owl/Brick Fairy | Toys Period Lego Reference Library | Lego 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus Submarine
   Watch Lego: A Brickumentary (2015) or AFOL: A Blockumentary (2010)
   Watch From Lawyer to Lego Legend (Nathan Sawaya)
   See Lego Breaks out of the Toy Box (Nathan Sawaya)

(to Top)Eat Here!

American Dream Pizza (Corvallis, OR):
The Big River (Corvallis, OR) - now Mazama Brewing Co.
The Pig 'N Pancake (Astoria, OR):
Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill (Sisters, OR):

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U2 Concert, Seattle, June 2011 | U2 Concert Set
List of Old Links (many may be broken)

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