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Pago Pago 2001

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A beach near Pago Pago...

The Fatu "flower pot", an offshore volcanic plug...

Pago Pago harbor, the largest deepwater harbor in the South Pacific...

Fagotago business center...

Starkist tuna cannery (together with Van Kamp these canneries at the harbor constitute the world's largest)

The FBNMS office located in the Dept. of Marine & Wildlife Resources (DMWR) Bldg in 2001...

Boats of the NMFS and FBNMS (not used during this mission though) ...

FBNMS manager Nancy Daschbach (2nd from right) and colleagues enjoy an afternoon barbecue...

Polynesian Macdonald's!

Navy archive photo of the USS Chehalis (AOG48), a WWII Navy gas tanker that sank in the harbor in 1949 (many thanks to Tom Mayes, U.S. Navy for the photo).
Wreckage was mapped during this mission.

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Photo montage in header courtesy of National Marine Sanctuary System and Kip Evans, National Geographic Society